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    Alumni story from TrustPilot:
    Alex D
    The course is not easy or cheap, but if it was everyone would be doing it and Electricians wouldn't get paid what they do. It took me 2 and a half years to get fully qualified and It was by no means plain sailing. But it was a good course and well taught, the theory is done through books, online and with a tutor team number to call, the training centres let you do the practicals and sit your exams. I was at the one in Featherstone and it was a great experience. When I did my work experience for my NVQ I went to a few different sites and they were brilliant. It made me realise that I could actually do everything I'd been training for and was a good way to get qualified and pick up real working experience. If there wasn't an interest free loan to do the course I wouldn't have been able to do it, so I'm glad that option was available. I didn't feel pressured, the guy that came round was a salesman but he just told it as it was; do the course if you want to be an electrician, can afford the monthly cost and are willing to put in some work. If you can't say that you will do any of those then don't bother. For me it was a simple choice...did I want to stay working in a call-centre taking abuse and being paid peanuts or take control of my life and get a decent set of qualifications. I finished the course 2 years ago and I'm taking home nearly triple what I used to, so ignore the negatives, they're probably upset that they can't just have the qualifications handed to them, or they're struggling to understand it, if you really want it, the course will get you qualified and at £8000 it's about 15% of what I'll earn this year.